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WATCHBOOK: Work Area Traffic Control Handbook 2019 - Fourteenth Edition

WATCHBOOK: Work Area Traffic Control Handbook 2019 Fourteenth Edition

By the Watch Committee of Public Works Standards, Inc.

New 2019 edition of the bestselling guide to temporary traffic control in construction work areas.  Fully conforms to the standards and guidance of the CA-MUTCD.

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Price: $14.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781557019691
Year: 2019
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 60
Publisher: BNi Building News

Published under the authority of the WATCH Committee of Public Works Standards, Inc., the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook is the product of a dedicated team of leading experts in traffic control and safety. This valuable pocket-sized handbook has become the leading source of information for traffic control in low-speed/short-duration work areas.

It provides quick reference traffic control guidelines for work activities for contractors, cities, counties, utilities and other agencies responsible for such work.  What's more, this Handbook is in full compliance with current editions of the MUTCD and the CA MUTCD.  It features:

  • Extensively revised FULL COLOR graphics showing typical work zone layouts for all types of temporary road, lane, and shoulder closures and detours.
  • New graphics providing layouts for the type of traffic control situations typicially confronted by utilities, including a closure in the center of a multilane intersection.
  • Work zone layouts for bike lane closures and intrusions.
  • Illustrated flagger hand signal procedures.
  • Fully illustrated details on the use of channelizers, barricades, and warning signs/devices, plus new barricade and striping graphics
  • Up-to-date safety guidelines for working in high speed areas, in the vicinity of railroads, and for handling pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Critical guidelines for maintaining worker safety within a temporary traffic control zone

Best of all, this wealth of information is all packed into a convenient, take-it-anywhere 4½" x 7½" booklet!